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    • DB-IIA Thermostatic laboratory hot plate
    • DB-IIA Thermostatic laboratory hot plate
  • DB-IIA Thermostatic laboratory hot plate

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Product Detail

DB-IIA Thermostatic Stainless Steel Laboratory Hotplate (ISO)
Laboratory Hotplate
1. SUS top, 500W, workarea: 15*12cm, LED, RT-300C
2. CE, ISO13485/14001/9001
3. SGS Audited Factory Since 1984

Continuous operating temperature of up to 300°C (572°F), with thermostat fitted, 400°C (752°F), with digital control fitted.
Heating provided via high quality mineral insulated metal sheathed elements.
Fitted with a thermostat as standard (digital controller, optional extra)
Works off a single phase power supply.
Top plate in mild steel (stainless steel or aluminium top plates are available as an optional extra)
Casing and terminal cover fabricated in stainless steel.
Larger or custom hotplates are available on request.


Specifications of DB-IIA  Thermostatic SUS Laboratory Hotplate 
Power SupplyAC 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Temperature Control RangeRoom Temperature to 300 Celsius
Working AreaL15 W20cm
SizeL150 W250 H120 mm
Heating Power500W

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