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    • GZ High Power Electric Stirrer/Overhead Stirrer
  • GZ High Power Electric Stirrer/Overhead Stirrer

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The DC digital-display constant speed power-driven stirrer has sound design and novel structure. Adopting DC brushless motor and stepless speed governing with stabilizing system, it has advantages of digital speed display, high power, low noise and easy operation, and is an basic equipment for mixing chemical reactions with various kinds of liquid phases in laboratories in all universities, colleges, scientific and research institues and chemical plants.
1. Hi-power, 20L capacity, 2-step regulate, durable
2. ISO13485/14001/9001, SGS audited factory
3. Since 1984


Power Supply:AC220V 60Hz
Speed:60-500rpm(stepI), 240-2000rpm(step II)
Motor power:200W
Max. stirring capacity:20Liter
Maximum moment of stirring shaft:1850gcm
Applicable medium viscosity:0-10000mpas
Large capacity, easy to use, cost efficient, widely applicable.  

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