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    • TDL-5C Large Capacity Low Speed Centrifuge
  • TDL-5C Large Capacity Low Speed Centrifuge

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Product Detail

General description

TDL-5C low speed table centrifugal machine features in stable operation, low noise, delicate appearance, safety-regulative balance and high precision control and it is widely used in biochemical, medical research and material units.

The machine operates in environment with an ambient temperature540℃ and relative humidity no more than 85%, in which is free of conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas. The machine is classified into Class I medical instrument product per medical instrument product classification content.

2.Technical data:

Speed:start-5000rpm, LCD 
Capacity:250ml×4、50ml×8、15ml×32(3 rotors)
Max RCF:4300×g 
Power  Supply: 

220V/110V  50Hz/60hz

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