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Analytical and Lab Instruments
  • 160HL Constant temperature and humidity incubator


    Incubator with constant temperature and humidity both temperature and humidity regulation system, the temperature and humidity of the incubator control.
  • 752 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer


    752 UV-Visible Spectrophotometers are single beam spectrophotometers that analyze specimen materials in the ultra-violet and visible spectral range.  Its high precision and reliable performance made it ideal for applications in medicine, petrochemistry, agriculture, food industry, biochemistry, envi...
  • 721 Visible Spectrophotometer


    Model 721 visible spectrophotometer, an analytical instrument commonly used in physico-chemical laboratories to make quantitative and qualitative analysis of specimen materials in the near ultra-violet, visible spectral range, finds much scope for its service in such fields as medicine, clinical exa...
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